Tuesday 11 September 2007

Welcome to squire-tv.com

Welcome to our new virtual home - squire-tv.com. As you can see it's not much more than a place holder. But first things first.

Right now, we are horribly busy creating loads of exciting stuff for squire-tv.com - e.g. how to storm a medieval castle with your bare hands; why you should keep a pair of enormous pink sunglasses in your pocket at all times; or how to cash in on a trip following the trail of Captain Jack Sparrow.

So, we think of this website as a rapid prototype. (Not unlike the tent we set up a couple of years back on a trip to Sweden.) So, set up your own tent, get a comfy chair and watch us working through your tent door while having a sip of good red wine and some spicy chocolate nibbles. If you've ever watched us set up a tent you probably know that it can take a while - but you get something out of it. Promise.

That's why we've already published our first bits and pieces at youtube.com. Check them out and let us know what you think.

Adam & Markus



The LQ said...

Wow. Cool!

Unknown said...

Awesome vid man keep stuff like this coming, great way to teach, and great way to learn for the people your teaching.

drakelandfenis said...

now if you had showed a demo of how movement restricting armor is then peeps would understand how hellish that really would be.

Anplica said...

Very intesting way to present things. :) I'd love to see more...esp. with the crazy looks the locals/tourists/bystanders were giving you!

Adam StJohn Lawrence. said...

Hey Drakelandfenis,

Armour is not necessarily restricting. Here's another video of Squire-tv's Adam in action, and in armour:


Adam is the guy in the black.

It's a film by talented filmmaker Andrew Baker-Miles, not a squire-tv production.



Tyburn said...

This is awesome! Made me giggle in me belly!

"...so we can all die in the sunshine..."

Keep it coming, and I'll pass it along to the fellow fighters up here in An Tir who missed it!

Furious Ennui said...

Fantastic vide. It sounds like (hopefuly) you have a bunch planned.

Have you considered getting an American actor in to do the english accent, though? It sounds much more naff... just ask Kevin Costner. ;)

Who said armor had to be restricting? I wear 34kg of armor when I fight (SCA and metal weapons), and I weigh 68kg out of the shower. In full armor I can do the splits, kick a 6'4" person in the head, and do one-armed push-ups. I can run down lightly armored archers over short distances.

Donna said...

hehe thanks guys good loud laugh here at work

Naima(aka Donna mundanely)

Donna said...

PS: I'll be the archer shooting at you :p